Hair Loss Solutions Are Not The Same

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Transplants– These can give some good results giving back thick youthful hair- problem solved.

However, goods ones are very expensive costing thousands and usually needing a repeat treatment 1-2 years down the line, it is painful invasive surgery leaving scars, and if the area that it was transplanted from was destined to go bald it you will go bald again. Leaving you back at square 1 out of pocket and disappointed.



Hairpieces-While the technique has improved greatly over the years from the embarrassing ‘syrup’ that our geography teacher may have worn and laughed at at school. They really can look very natural and most people would not be able to tell 🤫. But we cannot control the weather especially the wind, and if you are very sporty this may cause problems also holidays and swimming etc.

They can make the scalp hot causing it to become sore and smelly, and repeat trips to the hair dressers to look after your piece.

Scalpmicopigmentation- pros and cons, ok it cannot replace long flowing locks but it gives the illusion of a full head of hair, albeit short hair.

No scars, no costly upkeep, no weather or social problems. Cost effective.

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