Unfortunately premature hair loss affects two thirds of men. While some are happy to embrace this, shave their head and go for the Bruce Willis and Jason Statham look, for some it is a complete loss of not only their hair but their personality, character and self esteem.

Other hair replacement techniques can be costly and ineffective leaving you out of pocket and disappointed. Well SMP (scalp micro-pigmentation) is different. Although it can’t replace long flowing locks it can give you back confidence and self-esteem, with no invasive surgery, magic creams or unsightly, unmanageable hair pieces.

So what to expect?

First you’ll have a consultation face to face (I can quote from a photo to fit in with your busy lifestyle if need be). This will give me an insight to the area that needs to be treated, and your skin type. You’ll also need to fill in a medical history form to make me aware of any medical conditions you may have – this doesn’t mean you can’t have SMP, just that I may need to take extra precautions or extra care depending on condition.

You can discuss with me the style you require. For example a feathered broken hairline, a sharp defined one even a peaked or receding one – bringing along an old photo is good. I’ll advise on the colour depending on your original hair colour but there is room to go slightly lighter or darker. I’ll advise how many sessions I think you will need (the norm is 3) but this can depend on how the pigment takes further down the line.

Session 1
On the first session we will draw and work on the hairline together. This is the most important part and can take time as will define your whole look – it’s not a stage that should be rushed.

Once we’re both happy I will start at the crown to let you get a feel for the needle and colour, then work on your hair line and then fill in the areas that are missing hair. The dots will seem slightly spaced out and a little light in colour but at this stage but that is perfectly normal – we fill in more at the next session.

Session 2
I will inspect how the pigment has held and discuss any changes you want to make to the hairline and colour. Then we go over the whole treated area again, adding density.

Again I inspect the whole treatment, checking if the pigment has taken well to all areas and adding more density to give you your desired look. Some people don’t need this session; some need an extra one. It’s important to build it up slowly until you’re satisfied.

Hopefully you will be very happy with your new style and of course I give you full aftercare instructions. These include avoiding getting the area wet (that includes sweating) for approximately 4 days, then washing with water only for another few days, and avoiding direct sunlight, swimming, saunas and steamrooms for another 3 weeks. This helps your pigment settle and gives you the best long term results so you can enjoy your new look!